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Clock in

Clock out

(and maybe take a break or two.)

  • Flexible and Scalable

    Have one device tracking a small team or
    create a powerful globally linked attendance system.

    Clockerly can cover organizations of any size

  • Make use of your old devices

    Dig out your old Android and use it as a Clocking station

  • Receive Instant Information

    Receive your time tracking information today, not tomorrow.
    All data is beamed instantly from any device directly to your phone.

Track attendance the right way in 2019 - and do it for free

Welcome to Clockerly - the brand new, state-of-the-art attendance system exclusively designed for Android™.

Clockerly is more than just an app - it's a network of devices designed to help organizations of any size track their attendance in a simpler (and better) way.

Use an old android phone (everyone has one lying about) with Clockerly installed and 'set it and forget it' at your workspace door. As your team members clock in and out, you'll be receiving that data beamed straight to your main phone.

(If you want to see if your phone can use Clockerly's contactless card clocking feature, check out NFC World's comprehensive list )

  • Fast and effective tool for quickly logging employees or team members
  • Powerful app network at your Fingertips
  • Easy to use, yet powerful and precise
  • Secure data storage powered by Google Firebase™
  • Live notifications, instant reporting and exportable data
  • NFC and PIN data entry for super-quick logging


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    Many Settings

    Configure your Clockerly system the way you like it.

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    Multiple Loggers

    Got multiple offices? No fear, Clockerly has you covered. Everything served from the cloud allowing your network to be set up anywhere and everywhere you like.

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    Remote users

    If you have workers or teammates that work remotely, then they can log in by downloading the app for themselves.

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    Precise Data.

    Download and export your data for processing. Clockerly also comes with pre-made analytics, so you can quickly check in on your group attendance

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Features of Clockerly

We've launched!

Features include:

  • NFC Card Clocking
  • Remote viewing of all data
  • Live Notifications

Planned Features

  • Facial Recognition
  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Geolocation